Lauching event
11 May 2011, Ministry of Health - Iraq

Under the auspices of H.E Majid Hamad Amin, the Minister of Health, the Ministry of Health organizes a big event on the occasion of decade of Action for Road Safety 2010- 2020. Over than 200 high delegates invited from different ministries, academic institutions and media to take part of the event. Under the auspices of H.E Taher Hawrami, The Minister of Health, Kurdistan Regional in Iraq, Ministry of Health/KRG will organize a press conference on the occasion of decade of action for the road safety 2010- 2020. Awareness campaign will take place in Erbil includes activities for children, awareness sessions for public/traffic securities members and health workers.

Contact: Ministry of Health - Iraq
Tel: +962 79 9499455
Email: wriraq@irq.emro.iwho.nt

Field visit to Hewler Emergency Hospital / Press Conference
11 May 2011, The Ministry Of Health in Kurdistan Region - Iraq

H.E the Minister of Health in KRG Dr Taher Hawrami and Dr Jaffar Hussein, WHO Rep will visit the Emergency hospital in KRG to check the emergency services provided. The visit will be followed by a press conference. Field visit to Primary health care centers, schools and hospital to document and collect stories and photos from the field.

Contact: The Ministry Of Health in Kurdistan Region - Iraq
Tel: + 962 6 5510438