Lao People's Democratic Republic

Finalization Workshop on the Decade Road Safety Strategy and Action Plan 2011-2020 10-11 May 2011, Department of Transport (DoT) and Secretariat to National Road Safety Committee (NRSC Sec.)

The Government of Lao (GoL) has approved the Road Safety Strategy and Action Plan (RSS&AP) in April 2005, of which 4 strategies and 15 sectors of action plan have been identified. Four strategies includes: (1) Fatality per 10,000 vehicles of up to the year 2020, (2) Road Safety Frame Works of 5 Es, (3) Seven priorities and (4) Lao Road Safety Institution and the establishment of the Road Safety Fund. The Action Plan of fifteen sectors consists of 180 subprojects whereby the budget and duration of the implementation has been identified. The RSS&AP was expired in Oct 2010. However, the RSS&AP has been revised by means of the Stakes' Holder Workshop at Vangvieng in Sept 2010, under the sponsorship of WHO.

The Finalization Workshop on the Revised Road Safety Strategy and Action Plan will be continued to the Stakeholder Workshop conducted at Vangvieng last year. The Finalization Workshop will be conducted for two days on 10-11 May 2011 at Thalard, Vientiane province. The participants invited will be the senior authorities from various government agencies, NRSC networking, unions (youth, woman and trade), Lao Red Cross and insurance companies. During the session, NRSC secretariat will present audiences the overall compilation of comments provided during the Stakeholder Workshop last year. The participants will be then divided into groups to brain storm and discuss on the comprehensive measures in relation to the Road Safety issues in Laos. The principal of the DACADE OF ACTION ON RAOD SAFETY will be emphasized to the audiences so that their thought would link to the RSS&AP for the decade.

At the end of day two, the Finalization Workshop will need to come up with the conclusion session whereby the key issues will be summarized and documented for the final version of the RSS&AP for the decade of 2011-2020. DoT/NRSC Sec. will then submit the Decade RSS&AP through the line Ministry as well as the NRSC and the GoL for consensus and approval accordingly. Finally, DoT/NRSC Sec. will conduct the Press Conference upon completion of the Finalization Workshop. Upon approval, the Decade RSS&AP will be planned to disseminate and implemented nationwide with the support of the Lao Road Safety Fund.

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