Launch public awareness campain in Zouk Mosbeh-Lebanon
7 May 2011, Youth Association for Safety Awareness ( YASA)

YASA will host a half day-long event with partners, members, police and victims to share information about defensive driving and about the consequences of speed and reckless driving and open a new branch for YASA in Zouk Mosbeh-Lebanon.

Contact: Ziad M. Akl
Tel: +9619215775
Email: ziad@yasa.org

The Launch of the Decade Of Action in Lebanon
11-15 May 2011, Kunhadi

May 11th:

  • High-profile media event at UNESCO palace: Kunhadi representatives and Government representatives will introduce the Decade Of Action and declare the members of the Decade Of Action alliance (public and private companies) and the Decade Of Action ambassadors (celebrities from all sectors) in Lebanon
  • Launch of an artistic road safety competition for university students to make the best road safety ad
  • A whole awareness day: hourly road safety conferences for school and university students
  • Posters and unipoles with road safety and Decade Of Action messages will by set in different areas
  • Decade of action tags will be distributed to events participants and DOA representatives

May 15th:

  • Biking event to promote road safety and the Decade Of Action

Contact: May Abdouny
Tel: +961 5 45 05 16
Email: may.abdouny@kunhadi.org

9th International francophone Seminar for the Promotion of safety and prevention of traumas
5-6 May 2011, Centre Universitaire de Santé Famililale et Communautaire -Université Saint Joseph de Beyrouth

Seminar on youth safety under the patronage of the Lebanese First Lady

  • launch of the Decade of Action For Road Safety 2011-2020 by the WHO (session chaired by the Director General of Health)
  • testimonies by young persons 15 to 22 years old
  • presentation of TV reports
  • more than 15 conferences on the issue of road safety
  • more than 70 speakers (ministries :Education, Health, Public Works, youth and sports, CDR, ATCL, FIA, CILA, Olympic Asian Committee, RENAULT France Group) coming from France, Belgium, Switzerland.
  • best production competition (posters, video clip, photos.) for young people (15-22 years old)
  • educational and informational stands : CRL/ ICRC/KUN HADI

Contact: Hyam KAHI-Director
Tel: +961 1 421 278
Email: cusfc@usj.edu.lb

Closing of the Public Awareness Week with Sagesse High School
11 May 2011, YASAbr />

Various events will be held by YASA in collaboration with Sagesse High School as part of the Active Citizen Project that had addressed the issue of Road Safety with Grade 6. The ACP for Grade 6 this year had the theme of "This is What Happens if you do not..." As a closing for this activity, a mass will be held for the remembrance of road victims, this will be followed by a crash simulation then a seminar. The audience of these events will be the students in the school as well as the parents. For more details visit www.yasa.org

Mona Khouri Akl
Tel: +96115452587
Email: mona@yasa.org