Sri Lanka

Launch of Decade of Road Safety - Sri Lanka
11 May 2011, World Health Organization

The main event is a stakeholder meeting scheduled for this day with participation of approximately 500 persons inclusive of members of parliament, Ministerial representatives from transport, justice, defence, health & other relavant ministries, Civil organisations, insurance associations, academia & students.The event will be presided by His Exellency president of Sri Lanka together with the speaker of parliament. The main items would be to launch the decade by pinning the decade badge on the president and to launch the National Action plan for road safety as well as handing over the report of the parliamentary select committee on looking into the alarming increase in road traffic injuries. In addition to this there will be the launch of the road safety song as well as the short film - depicting the human face of road traffic injuries. Technical session on Road safety are also arranged. Other events organised include media seminar and oublications, interviews on road safety, Stickering of 100 buses with the slogan of the decade. These buses will run from Colombo to other cities for a period of one year. Lighting up of the World Trade Centre is also being done with the sign of the road safety TAG. The whole effort if cooordinated by the parliamentary select committee through the roas safety council and other members.The Ceylon Motor Sports Club (CMSC) which is the representative of the FIA in charge of Motor Sport organised an event a few months ago where the President of the FIA (Mr.Jean Todt) and his wife, Michelle Yeoh who is the UN ambassador for road safety were in Sri Lanka and a Make Roads Safe programme was launched.They also visited His Excellency the President.

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