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Conference at the Parliament
11 May 2011, Parliamentary Road Safety Group

The day shall begin with a press conference of the Parliamentary Road Safety Group and a seminar of the National Road Safety Council, covering the latest national campaign on seatbelts. The conference at the Parliament is chiefly aimed to attract attention to road safety issues among MP's ad government officials. The venue will see representatives of all leading institutions, NGO's, and private sector representatives engaged in the area of road safety, each presenting their projects, campaigns, and other achievements addressing road safety. Guests will have an opportunity to participate in a display of first aid, ambulances, and state-of-the art first aid and emergency technology. The presentation will also include a crash & seat-belts simulator, electric cars, and eco-driving simulators. In the meantime, the Sejm will be complete with the biking, skateboarding, and skating youth, a short play promoting road safety, and professional animators with educational games basing on alco-goggles and alco-carts. The building courtyard will be filled with music of the Fire Brigade Orchestra, with members dressed in retroreflective vests.

Conference Partners:

  • Parliamentary Road Safety Group
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration
  • National Road Safety Council
  • Road Safety Partnership (GRSP Poland)
  • Motor Transport Institute
  • Polish Red Cross
  • Polish Association of Automotive Industry
  • Association Qou Vadis Podkarpacie Region
  • Transplanted Hearts Association
  • Careway Foundation
  • Olsztyn Regional Road Safety Centre
  • Polish Motor Association (PZM)
  • Polish Breweries Association
  • Polish Spirits Industry Association
  • Dekra Poland
  • ABS
  • Autochodzik - Car Walker Producer

Contact: Beata Bublewicz, Member of the Parliament
Tel: + 48 48 601 278 266
Email: pos6032@sejm.pl

11 May 2011, Parliamentary Road Safety Group

The highest building in Warsaw - Palace of Culture and Science - will be illuminated with the Decade tag at 20:30

Contact: Beata Bublewicz, Member of the Parliament
Tel: + 48 48 601 278 266
Email: pos6032@sejm.pl

The Launch of the Decade of Action in Poland
11 May 2011, Motor Transport Institute

Motor Transport Institute at the launch of the Decade of Action in Poland will present the car overturning simulator and collision simulator. The event will take place in Polish Parlament and Torwar Hall (Warsaw). All people interested will have an opportunity to learn for themselves how important for the life and health of travellers are correctly fastened seat belts, amongst the others. Simulators belonging to the Motor Transport Institute are educational equipment, whose purpose is to safely replicate minimal forces experienced by a human body during the accident.

Michal Kopacki
Tel: +48228113231
Email: michal.kopacki@its.waw.pl

11 May 2011, National Center for Road Safety

A project implemented under the "Safe - I want to live! inaugural launch of the decade and efforts to road safety. The event will be presented the priorities of the decade and the satisfaction provides concert of IRA band. Program "Safty - I want to life! is cyclical in nature and it is intended to be implemented in future.

Contact: Agata Wróblewska
Tel: +48695583303
Email: awroblewska@brd.org.pl

Decade of Action for Road Safety in Poland
11 May 201, GRSP Poland

GRSP Poland was an initiator and co-organizer of the launch of the Decade in Poland. The main event will be held in the Polish Parliament. GRSP Poland will display all its campaigns and road safety activities planned for the Decade. GRSP will also organize the commitment billboard "We drive by the rules" to encourage Parliamentarians and guests for road safety action. The happening is organized in cooperation with the UNECE. Each person signature will be awarded with the Decade tag, the personal souvenir card and a brochure explaining the importance of each declaration (e.g. why is so important to follow speed limits?, why is it important to fasten seat-belts?). The idea of personal commitments for road safety main rules will be also promoted by the Parliamentarian Road Safety Group.

Contact: Boris Poleganow
Tel: +48 608 022 297
Email: info@pbd.org.pl

Conference at the Parliament and "Safety- I Want to Live" project
11 May 2011, Road and Safety Association

Unfortunately, for technical reasons participation of Road and Safety Association in the Launching Conference at the Parliament has been omitted. Therefore we would like to inform about our engagement in it. We will give a presentation of our plans on activities for the Decade.There will be also a stand showing examples of different educational materials ( leaflets,CDs,posters,reflective elements, books), we use in our road safety activities. We will ask the audience to test the special equipment, like alcogogles and a special tube for presenting significance of proper visibility. The testing will be supported by our printed information on impairment of vision, hearing and reaction, when being under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Our special leaflet on reflexes and visibility will be also distributed. We have proposed to commemorate road victims by a minute of silence and reflection during the "Safety- I Want to Live" event in the evening.

Contact: Alicja Fonzychowska
Tel: +48 61 879 20 96
Email: a.fonzychowska@drogaibezpieczenstwo.org.pl