Launch of the Decade
11 May 2011, Ministry of Health - Directorate-General of Health

We are organizing in the National School of Public Health, a symposium and a press conference. The works begin with the description of the objectives of the Decade, by the National Coordinator, also Director General of Health, appointed by the Minister of Health. The five lectures will address the five pillars of the Action Plan of the Decade, reinforcing the main messages to the media. The morning ended with a video that is also a personal testimony of the coordinator of the Decade, as a victim of a road crash. In the afternoon Non-Governmental Organizations expose their commitment to the Decade, launch a book and display the video of the 2nd Meeting of NGO's for Road Safety & Victims, translated into Portuguese. The Portuguese NGO, ACA-M, will also launch an e-learning platform, and audiovisual material.

Contact: Francisco George
Tel: +351 8430500
E-mail: george@dgs.pt

Sensibilization campaign "Death on the Road"
6 June-30 September 2011, ACA-M - Associação de Cidadãos Auto-Mobilizados

This campaign aims to raise awareness among drivers, especially younger drivers, about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol, which remains a major cause of road accidents in Portugal, especially among young people. The campaign has the slogan "If you drink, let me drive", message that is presented by the metaphorical figure of "death". This campaign is conducted in collaboration with the public security police, in Lisbon, with the possibility of being extended to the entire country in the near future. The message includes statistics on accidents in Lisbon and safety tips for drivers.

Contact: Manuel João Ramos
Tel: +351 217801997 / +351 931406941
Email: aca-m@aca-m.org