Russian Federation

National Events on the way to Offical Launch of the Decade of Action for Road Safety in the Russian Federation
10-11 May 2011, Ministry of Internal Affairs

1. Welcome address of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev in support of the Decade.
2. Roundtable with participation of representatives of government agencies, the Wolrld Health Organization, the International Automobile Federation and other public organizations (to be held in Moscow on May 10, 2011).
3. Decade's logo projection on the building of the Moscow State University.

Contact: Dmitry V. Mitroshin
Tel: +7 916 176 47 37

Responsible Parents
11-12 May 2011, Federation of the Car Owners of Russia

We shall distribute stickers for children safety in 40 regions of Russia. We shall distribute the car window stickers bearing the words: "I AM RESPONSIBLE PARENT", as well as light-reflecting flippers with the symbol of the Decade. The purpose of the event is to attract attention to the issues of children safety of the most possible number of parents.

Contact: Sergey Kanaev
Tel: +7 926 158 7771