Launch of the Decade of Action for Road Safety
11 May 2011, Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency

On 11 of May 2011 we will launch the Plan Action for Decade in Slovenia. In cooperation with Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency and Automobile Association of Slovenia are being held a variety of events during that day in Slovenia: National conference to identify risky behavior and its causes, particularly among young road users; launching a website, which is opportunity for youngsters to introduce and to offer the most creative solution for improving road safety, etc. The Conference and public event will be held at the central square in Ljubljana (Presernov trg), where people will use demonstration devices for promotion of road safety (measuring reaction time, role of seatbelts in a car crash, etc). At the event there will be the President of Republic of Slovenia Danilo Turk PhD, Minister for Interior Ms Katarina Kresal, Minister for Transport Patrick Vlacic PhD, Director of Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency Ljubo Zajc, etc.

We have also prepared the launch of the National Programme for Road Safety for the period 2012-2021, which presents the vision and objective of road safety and sets as its priorities the measures to be carried out for a more effective provision of road safety. The Programme's primary objective is to reduce the severest consequences of road accidents (- 50 % fatalities and - 50 % severe injuries). To attain this objective, it is necessary to implement the Programme measures effectively and to generate political will and social support. The Programme was elaborated in cooperation with numerous experts of competent government offices and the civil society. With regard to the situation in the member of UN and in Slovenia, they considered the possibilities and selected the most appropriate measures, which should be carried out in relation to human behaviour, the traffic environment, vehicles and institutions.

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