Raising the traffic flag in Commewijne, Suriname
Lions Club Paramaribo Central

The Lions Paramribo Central in colabortion with the Traffic Police in Suriname will raise the Traffic Flag in district Commewijne. A raisen traffic flag is a symbol in Suriname that there are no road traffic fatalities at that moment. If the flag is half pole this symbols that the country or the district is mouring beacuse of a road traffic fatality. This district was choosen for this occasion, as the EAST- WEST Highway connecting Suriname and French Guyana runs through Commewijne and is currenty under construction. There is this expectation taht once this raod is finished, the traffic intensity will increase highly. The Traffic Flag is established at one of the most bussy corners in Commewijne and the community request that every road user in Suriname helps to keep the traffic flag hihg in top.

Contact: Roy Heave