Seminar on model for evaluation of national road safety (Baltic Sea)
20 June-18 July 2011, Vectura Consulting AB

The road safety situation varies a lot between the countries in the Baltic Sea region. A seminar will be held to establish a network of road safety experts and representatives from ministries and to create an easy model for annual evaluation and rating of the road safety situation in each country. The network will be a forum for discussions, benchmarking and sharing of best practice. The countries can learn from each other's success stories (and mistakes) and receive valuable input on how to address and improve the road safety situation back home. The model will be a tool for comparing the road safety situation between countries based on the same parameters and the result (illustrated with 1-5 stars) will serve as an incentive for each country to take actions. The model will be based on the new ISO standard for road safety management (ISO 39001) and an excellence model.

Contact: Lina Wells , Hans Skalin
Tel: +46771159159
Email: lina.wells@vectura.se