11 May 2011, US Dept. of State

At a 10:00 a.m. event, the Administrator of the National Highway Transportation Safety Admin. (NHTSA), David Strickland, will make a statement on road safety conditions in the U.S. at the Upper Senate Park between the Russell Senate Office Building and the Senator Taft Memorial at 200 New Jersey Avenue, N.W. He will also make several Youth Choice awards with youth leaders of the road safety non-governmental organization, NOYS. Former congressman and DOT Secretary Norman Mineta, will act as Master of Ceremony for the event which also highlights new public service announcements which will air worldwide featuring Muppet Glover of Sesame Workshop, who will appear as a special guest.

At 1:15 p.m. at United Nations Headquarters, Deputy NHTSA Administrator Ronald Medford will speak about the Decade of Action at the UN Economic Commission on Europe's program at the Commission on Sustainable Development #19 in Conference Room 2. The Decade of Action logo will adorn Times Square in New York City and other locations.

At 3:30-5:00 p.m. the U.S. Congressional Caucus on Global Road Safety and the ASIRT will sponsor a global road safety briefing in the U.S. Capitol in room HC-8.
Dr. Tom Frieden, Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will also speak about the public health cost of traffic injuries in the U.S, along with Dr. Stephen Hargarten, professor and chairman of Emergency Medicine and Assoc. Dean for global health at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Dr. Adnan Hyder, Director of the International Injury Research Unit at Johns Hopkins Bloomsberg School of Public Health, and Ms. Rochelle Sobel, Association for International Road Travel (ASIRT) President, will outline some of the global initiatives for the Decade.

Please check the U.S. Department of State travel website at for information on road safety overseas and for specific road safety conditions in many countries to which you may plan international travel.

Contact: Nancy Carter-Foster
Tel: +202-647-2435

U.S. Launch of Decade of Action and National Youth Traffic Safety Month
11 May 2011, FIA Foundation/Make Roads Safe (with NOYS, ASIRT, ATSSA, and other partners)

What: Hosted by Hon. Norman Y. Mineta with remarks by Members of Congress and government officials, the Washington, DC, event will feature release of new data, Sesame Street PSAs, and Youth Choice Awards. Partner events will occur across the U.S.
Where: Upper Senate Park at U.S. Capitol
When: May 11th 10:00-11:00 a.m.
Contact: or (828) 367-6697.

Decade of Action for Road Safety EXPO
What: An opportunity for organizations, businesses, Congressional groups, and federal agencies to share information.
Where: Rayburn House Office Building Foyer
When: May 11th 1:00-2:30 p.m.
Contact: National Organizations for Youth Safety, (828) 367-6697.

Congressional Briefing
What: Congressional Briefing with remarks by Dr. Thomas Frieden, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); Dr. Stephen Hargarten, professor and chairman of emergency medicine, and associate dean for global health at the Medical College of Wisconsin; and Dr. Adnan Hyder, director of the International Injury Research Unit at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Rochelle Sobel, ASIRT president, will outline some of the global initiatives for the Decade. The event is sponsored by U.S. Congressional Caucus on Global Road Safety.
Where: U.S. Capitol Visitor's Center Room HC-8
When: May 11th 3:30-5:00 p.m.
Contact: ASIRT at (240) 249-0100.

Contact: Dr. Bella Dinh-Zarr
Tel: +2027015656

"Decade of Action for Road Safety" Georgia USA
19 March-31 May 2011, Georgia Operation Lifesaver, Inc.

The month of May is being proclaimed by our Governor in Georgia (The Honorable Nathan Deal) as "Operation Lifesaver Month" in Georgia. Special activities will be conducted throughout the state all month, and included in the body of the proclamation is the statement: "WHEREAS: These special activities will be in conjunction with the worldwide launch of the United Nations "Decade of Action for Road Safety" wherein many organizations and agencies will be working together for safer roads worldwide." A "Tag" will be presented to the governor. With the governor's proclamation as impetus, our member organizations (see attached list) will be conducting numerous activities and events to commemorate the Decade of Action, beginning with raising awareness within their own companies, organizations and agencies. In other words, we will start by ensuring that our affiliate members are fully aware of the mission and are passing on the information beginning with their own employees, families, neighbors and friends. They can then individually involve other organizations that they are involved with.

The most active all-volunteer group in Georgia is the Georgia Federation of Women's Clubs (GaFWC), an organization with clubs in all regions of Georgia. Their members include the spouses of public servants (mayors, city and county commissioners, etc.); newspaper editors; television and radio executives; business owners and others, as well as many of the female members are also executives, and they will be kept fully apprised and asked to disburse "Decade" information throughout their local communities. The various activities will be scheduled by the volunteers at various times at their discretion and the dates and number of invitees will be determined by them. They will be asked to provide the project coordinator (Ms. Glasgow) with a summary of their activities.

Many other groups will also be involved. One example: A special exhibit will be set up at the local Hockey Team (Gwinnett Gladiators) in metro Atlanta, and the Decade information and posters will be on display for all the attendees to view. The local media will receive Media Advisories whenever an event is scheduled, and advance preparation will be emphasized to all participating groups. Our grant funding if approved will be used for administrative costs including posters, mailing, purchase of Tags and Necklaces for the volunteers.

Contact: Jennie Glasgow
Tel: +770-393-2711

How Far Can Milwaukie Walk
17 April- 31 October 2011, Lake Road NDA/City of Milwaukie

We have a series of activities to educate of residents to walk/bike/drive safely. Decade of Action comes in right on time to assist us in empower our ability in motivation and education.

Contact: Susanna Pai
Tel: +15036548693

Decade of Action Freehold Township!
11 May 2011, SADD

During the school day, students will given out the decade of action symbol in form of pin or necklace or pin to wear supporting the decade of action. After given the pin, an educated student who has learned about this event will share their knowledge of the decade of action to the other student so they can actively participate by wearing, participating, and acting. There will be daily raffles students can enter in if they sign the banner to support this plan and wear the symbol for the duration of the school day!

Contact: Bryan Epstein
Tel: +732-865-1880

Bike Fest 2011
11 May 2011, La Crosse County Health Department

Bike Fest is an event focused on pedestrian and bicyclist safety components include:

  • a bicycle stunt show emphasizing the importance of helmet use, bike & pedestrian safety and physical activity
  • a free helmet fitting for all ages
  • a helmet give away of over 250 children and youth helmets
  • a booth constructing Red Flag stanchions, to raise visibility and awareness of pedestrian safety issues in crosswalks
  • other interactive and educational booths on pedestrian/road safety and general health
  • a local bike shop offering free bike checks to participants

Efforts to promote the UN Decade for Action efforts include having all event volunteers wear the tags, giving tags away to participants 5 years of age and up, displaying information on how to purchase the tags and information about the UN Decade for Action at the event. Advertisements will also incorporate the UN Decade for Action.

Contact: Rebecca Lakowske
Tel: 608-785-5665

BPD DUI Mock Crash and Distracted Driving Program
11-12 May 2011, Brownsville Police Department

The Brownsville Police Department and the Haywood High School SADD Chapter Volunteers will conduct a DUI Mock Crash and Distracted driving program for seniors and their parents. Attendees will receive "Decade of Action Tags". City and County Officials will be invited to the event. We will use local press and media. Students will make a PSA about distracted driving for the local cable channel and promote the Decade of Action program.

Contact: Barry Diebold
Tel: 1-731-772-1260

ALKC & Ingels Elementary Bicycle Safety Day
11 May 2011, City of Kansas City Missouri - Active Living KC

The May 11th event will take place at Ingels Elementary after school and include a bike rack ribbon cutting and helmet distribution. Before the event an assembly focused on bicycle safety and the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety will be provided to the student body. During this event ALKC will hold a drawing for a new bicycle as a part of the Passport to Health program.

Contact: Ashley Winchell
Tel: 816.457.7631

Sharing the road safely
11 May 2011, Gateway Services ARC/ACCESS Johnson County, Public Transit

The Decade of Road Safety event will take place at the Gateway Services ARC/ACCESS Johnson County facility located at 3500 N. Morton Street, Franklin IN 46131. We will kick off the event with presentations of the Tag to city and county officials, law enforcement, and educators. Organizations and agencies related to road safety will be in attendance and will set up booths and distribute safety related materials and conduct breakout workshops. Law enforcement and emergency responders have been invited to attend. Local law enforcement will distribute tags to road users who are displaying safe practices. The Tag will be prominently displayed during the event, door prizes will be awarded, light refreshments featuring the Tag will be served.

Contact: Janet Rogers
Tel: +317-738-5500

UN Decade of Action Walking School Bus to School and Pedestrian Safety Video Premier
12 May 2011, TrailsforYouth.Org

TYO will premier our traffic safety video, entitled "Listen, Learn and Lead: Bicycle and Pedestrian Advice for Adults" on May 11, 2011 both on the internet and provide CD copies to Northern VA schools. This video simultaneously reaches a dual language audience of both Spanish and English speakers. We intended on releasing this video in April, but we are willing to delay this release to coincide with the UN Decade of Action event. The tag will be quite visible this day. The video copies released this day will have the decade of action tag on the cover. Each of these schools (totaling 4,000 students) will then launch a parent pedestrian safety program using this video. We will highlight one of the schools to host a walking school bus Wednesday that day and a raffle, with the tickets displaying the tag. We will invite local elected officials and parents to participate. In addition, we will launch our video online providing prizes to anyone in facebook who receives greater than 50 "likes" on their link to this video thereby increasing visibility for these important traffic safety messages. We will display the tag on all of our website and social media pages to inform people about May 11th and our events. Specifically we are requesting funds to cover video duplication costs, creation of signs and event prizes and other associated costs. We would expect our message to reach over 1,000 people that day with an even larger extended presence due to continue use of the video and social media.

Julie Childers
Tel: +703-209-5721

Students Against Drunk Driving Spring Celebration
28 April 2011, Gateway Services ARC/ACCESS Johnson County, Public Transit

This event will feature motivational speakers, opportunities for students and advisers to network with each other, sessions to learn more about how to address underage drinking and teen related traffic safety issues. Event will include a reenactment of a deadly car crash featuring student actors with emergency personnel response. Gateway Services ARC/ACCESS Johnson County, Public Transit will staff a booth, passing out Decade of Road Safety materials and offering invitations to the Decade of Road Safety Launch taking place on May 11th from 11:00 to 4:00.

Janet Rogers
Tel: +317-738-5500

WOW ~ Walk On Wednesdays - Safe Routes to School
6 April- 15 June 2011, Brockton Public Schools

At 5 of our elementary schools, our WOW program, gives students a healthy start to the school day as they walk to school. We promote the program to the parents and students as we work with them in our parent engagement program. We will design flyers, reminder tickets, walking cards and posters in the schools so everyone will know about the Decade of Action Day as part of our Safe Routes to School for the WOW/Walk on Wednesday program on 5/1/11. It will be in the BPS Summer Resource Guide, given to parents at our Parents' Academy workshop on 5/19/11. They will be well informed throughout the summer about road safety as well. We have to be proactive to ensure our students and their families know about road safety on our streets and in our community. We hope the message we promote on May 11th will stay with everyone forever!

Jane Feroli
Tel: +508-894-4328

Bronx Helpers New Settlement Apartments
11 May 2011, Pedestrian Safety First Party

New Settlement's Bronx Helpers are putting Pedestrian Safety First! In Spring 2009, Bronx Helpers identified the intersection of 172nd Street and Townsend Avenue as unsafe for pedestrians. Since that time, Bronx Helpers have been working with Transportation Alternatives and the Department of Transportation to find a solution. Many have already signed the Bronx Helpers' petition in support of this. In all, they have collected 1,039 signatures! People agree, the safety of this intersection needs to be improved! We will be hosting a special event where everyone can learn more about the campaign progress and plans for the future of the intersection.

Who: New Settlement's Community Programs, community members and you!
When: On Wednesday, May 11th (rain date May 18th) from 4:30-6:00 p.m.
Where: TBA (flyer will be updated and released when the location is determined)
What: Community will gather for a festive afternoon to put Pedestrian Safety First. We will have an art contest, poetry contest and special give-aways!

Contact: Jennifer Classon
Tel: +718-716-8000 x. 116

WB2S Challenge Month with Decade of Action 4 Road Safety Launch (5/11) & SR2S Film Fest
2-31 May 2011, Corvallis School District Safe Routes to School

With Corvallis being a Safe Routes to School (SR2S) community, schools will be participating in Walk and Bike to School Challenge month throughout May. District-wide Walk and Bike to School (WB2S) day is May 11th. Schools will have WB2S Team leaders coordinating UN Decade of Action for Road Safety activity. Pedestrian and bike safety education will be provided by the SR2S Team and Partners (Corvallis Police, Benton County Health, Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory, Corvallis Sustainability Coalition, Bicycle Transportation Alliance). The UN Decade of Action for Road Safety event on May 11th will heighten community-wide awareness and sustain commitment to student health and safety. All school site teams and partners will wear the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety Tag. Six schools (grades K-8) are committed to the May 11th event. Students, families, and staff who walk, bike, or scooter to school will receive the Action for Road Safety Tag. WB2S participation slips that indicate student name and classroom will provide data for school and district-wide participation. With so many students and families practicing pedestrian and bike safety skills as they travel to school, drivers are reminded to slow down in school zones. Police and Safety Patrol are also visible as a reminder to drivers to obey traffic laws near schools. Appreciation for WB2S participation, recognition of the UN global commitment to road safety, and encouragement for continued safe travels will be delivered over each school's speaker system. SR2S team members will welcome and give Action for Road Safety Tags to Cheldelin Middle School students riding bikes (with helmets) to school on May 11th. The state law will be read over the speaker system to encourage all students to wear bike helmets. Students will be encouraged to come to the Student Advocates for Change [SAC] Lunch Club or the Principal to request a helmet, if needed. Students receiving helmets will also get an Action for Road Safety Tag and card pledging to wear helmet. The SR2S Film Fest (5/26) will include a video highlighting May 11th, to promote the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety message.

Contact: Gigi Sims
Tel: +541-602-3719

Safe Teen Georgia Driving Academy at Atlanta Motor Speedway
5 July 2011, The Safe America Foundation

Take the first step in learning the skills you need for a lifetime of safe driving. An interactive day long learning event for parents and teens on safe driving. The day culminates with a Jaws of Life extraction, and mock crash. The safest teen can compete for a free car.

Contact: Risa Mendelson
Tel: +770-973-7233

Keep Your Safety in Sight: Prepare for the Effects of Aging Vision on Driving
11 May 2011, AARP Driver Safety Program

As you age, your vision undergoes certain changes that can affect your driving and may increase your risk of being in an accident. This session, hosted jointly by the AARP Driving Safety Program and the American Optometric Association, will explore these changes and provide valuable information to keep you safe on the road. You'll learn:

  • What changes in vision to expect with aging, including its effect on processing speed, blurred vision, problems seeing in low light or at night and reduced peripheral vision?
  • How these changes can affect your driving?
  • Practical tips and resources to help you prepare for and cope with vision and environmental driving changes

Presenter: Dr. Paul B. Freeman, Optometrist, American Optometric Association.

Frank Carroll
Tel: +1 202-434-3919

Driving in the Safe Lane Pledge Event
11 May 2011, Community Parent Center

The Community Parent Center in partnership with Nassau County Executive, Traffic Safety Board, Pediatric Society and other local county and community organizations and schools will hold a press conference at which a large teen safe driving pledge banner, including the Decade of Action Tag, will be prominently displayed. This date provides excellent timing to publicize the "100 Deadliest Days," between Memorial Day and Labor Day - the riskiest period for young drivers. The banner, with the incorporated Decade of Action Tag, will also include a "safe driving pledge" that lists important rules of the road. Everyone present will take the "safe driving pledge" to set an example for our youth promising to drive safely and responsibly throughout the year.

Contact: Wendy Tepfer
Tel: +516-771-9346

Jackson County Walk to School Day
11 May 2011, Fitness Council of Jackson

Students from schools in Jackson County will meet up to walk to school, promoting a message of road safety and good health in connection with the school day.

Contact: Scott TenBrink
Tel: +517.990.9798

Be Safe
2-11 May 2011, Murrah High School Not Here Club

The students will work with Newton Law to understand seatbelts and why they should wear them. We will do games with the eyes that will show the students that drinking and drive can cause them to make miss judge there distance and actions.

Contact: Veleria Brown
Tel: +1 601 918 5164

2011 Minnesota Safety and Health Conference
Minnesota Safety Council

We have coordinated an official Decade of Action for Road Safety announcement during the opening session of the 77th Annual Minnesota Safety Council's Safety and Health Conference on May 11. Our opening session titled "The Power of Purpose" will be presented by international business speaker and author, David McNally, and will focus on how each of our actions matters in making the world a better place. The UN Decade of Action Tag will be handed out during the opening session to 500 + safety professionals in the audience as well as distributed throughout the entire three-day conference at our Minnesota Safety Council's traffic safety booth. A total of about 1,400 safety professionals are expected to attend all three days. The conference will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center, highly visible location in Minneapolis, MN. The tag will be worn by conference attendees and Decade information will be displayed at our traffic safety booth.

Contact: Lisa Kons
Tel: +651.228.7330

Cobb Woman's Club Decade of Action Kick Off
10 May 2011, GFWC - Georgia Cobb Woman's Club

Cobb Woman's Club May Meeting will be the kick off the support for the UN - Decade of Action for Road Safety.

Contact: Patty Hosea
Tel: +770-590-4673

Norfolk Recreation, Parks and Open Space
11 May 2011, City of Norfolk Bike Month "Decade of Action for Road Safety Day"

Residents of Hampton Roads are invited to celebrate bike safety at the "Decade of Action for Road Safety Day" event. A registration tent bearing the Decade of Action logo will welcome participants as they bike through Norfolk Botanical Gardens and receive Decade of Action T-shirts, tags and light refreshments. Norfolk Bike Patrol officers will conduct safety training and the Bike Norfolk cycling club will perform bike tune-ups and repairs. Free helmets for children have been donated by the Brain Injury Law Center of Norfolk. There will be brief openeing remarks by a City official who will read from the Presidential Proclamation.

Contact: Paul Forehand
Tel: +757-374-1712

Prescott Bike Rodeo
11 May 2011, Prescott Alternative Transportation

On May 11, 2011, Prescott Alternative Transportation (PAT) will host a community-wide Bike Rodeo for children in grades 1 - 8, providing them with hands-on instruction in safe bicycle handling skills for riding on local streets. Adults accompanying children at the Bike Rodeo will receive brochures explaining the rules of safely sharing the road. A primary goal of the Bike Rodeo is to raise awareness of the fact that bicyclists and pedestrians - of all ages - share our roads with motorists, and we all need to keep each other safe.

Contact: Bob McCarty
Tel: 928 708-0911

Celebration of Decade of Action Launch
11 May 2011, Columbia University / FIA Foundation

We are organizing to have Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health students come to Times Square to hand out educational materials and other Decade of Action items to passerbys. We hope that by distributing these materials we will raise awareness of the issue and promote action.

Contact: Joyce Pressley, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Tel: +212-342-0421