An ideal launch event

The road safety tag projected on the Natural History Museum in London, United Kingdom

In many discussions with partners about preparations for the Decade, the ideal launch event has been described as a high profile, media-oriented event involving the head of state; ministers of transport, health, interior and others; heads of international agencies; representatives of civil society organizations; celebrities; and victims and their families. It could range from a simple one-hour press conference to a full-day road safety forum. No matter the format, the dignitaries involved should take the opportunity of this occasion to present to the public the nation's plan for the Decade. This plan should complement the country's current road safety strategies, and should be in line with the Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety.

Ideally, in a keynote speech, the head of state would present the national plan, expressing a renewed commitment to road safety across the Decade and unveiling the steps towards achieving the plan's stated objectives. This would be done in the presence of those from government and partner organizations who have the authority and the means to follow up these commitments and those from the media who are able to bring their messages to the public. The event would be broadcast on national television and radio and through the Internet. To mark the occasion, the road safety tag - the new global symbol for road safety and the key visual for the Decade of Action for Road Safety - would be projected on a national monument (visit for ideas about projecting the tag on national monuments and other buildings). As noted, this ideal national launch event would be simply the start of a series of actions to be undertaken during the Decade.

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