A symbol for all - the road safety tag

The road safety "tag" is the new global symbol for road safety and the key visual for the Decade of Action for Road Safety. It will unite efforts which take place in the context of the Decade. A promotional web site for the tag encourages groups marking the launch of the Decade to "Wear. Believe. Act." by wearing the road safety tag and displaying it on advocacy materials for Decade-related events; reflecting on the impact of road traffic crashes and the possibilities for prevention; and taking action to ensure greater safety on the roads. To purchase the tag as a wearable or decorative item or to request the artwork for printed materials, visit

For those governments, international agencies, civil society organizations and private companies in a position to do so, the projection of the road safety tag across national monuments and headquarters of agencies and companies would be a powerful visual for the launch of the Decade in many settings around the world. We would encourage all groups in a position to consider this to do so.

Note: There are strict usage requirements for the road safety tag by private companies, and the guidance for use of the tag should be followed by such companies prior to their making use of the tag in any way. Visit www.decadeofaction.org .

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