Czech Republic

Global Road Safety Week
6-12 May 2013, Ministry of Transport, Road Safety Department

The Czech Republic is preparing to participate in the second worldwide Global Road Safety Week, to take place in Prague. The global theme is pedestrian safety. With regard to its priorities in the field of traffic safety, the Czech Republic has expanded the scope of the event to include a focus on cyclists and motorcyclists. These three categories of road users are the most endangered, and the consequences of their accidents are the most tragic. Therefore, from 6 to 12 May there will be many events throughout the Czech Republic highlighting in particular the visibility of road users. Road Safety Week will be launched on 6 May with all-day activities, coordinated by the national coordination point – the Road Safety department of the Ministry of Transportation. Following the Prague event will be activities in Brno on 9 May. Many other events are being prepared by BESIP regional staff in cooperation with the Czech, municipal, or city police. Non-governmental and non-profit organizations have developed their own events for Road Safety Week.

Contact: Zuzana Ambrožová
Email: +420225131641

13th Road safety week in Liberec region
6-12 May 2013. Liberec region

The activities during the 13th Road safety week in the Liberec region will take place at traffic play grounds throughout the region and in public places, such as shopping centres and city centers. The main communicated topic will be "pedestrians and vulnerable road users" which will include subtopics such as visibility, compliance with traffic rules (safe routes and road crossings), pedestrian safety elements in cars and alcohol abuse.

Contact: Michal Mochal
Tel:+420 485 226 282