"Thank you for walking. Thank you for considering crossing pedestrians"
6 May 2013, City of Sankt Pölten (Prov. Lower Austria, Austria)

Chocolate bars will be handed out to pedestrians, and to drivers who stop for pedestrians at a zebra crossing in our town. The paper the chocolate bar is wrapped in has written on it: "Danke für das zu Fuss gehen" - Thank you for walking (->handed out to pedestrians), and: "Danke für den rücksichtsvollen Umgang mit Fussgaengern" - Thank you for considerate crossing pedestrians (->handed out to the drivers).

Contact: Gregor Gradnitzer
Tel: +43 2742 333-2415

“Walking is enjoyment!” – 3 -17 May 2013,

Aiming to raise the awareness for pedestrians and their safety and to get the people to walk more, - the Austrian Association for pedestrians realises during the UN Global Road Safety Week a "Walking is enjoyment!”-Campaign in cooperation with municipalities in Lower Austria - supported by the government of Lower Austria. As part of the campaign three main messages will be given to pedestrians and other road users (such as car drivers, cyclists, etc.): "Thank you for walking", “Thank you for being considerate to pedestrians”, "Thank you for paying more attention to pedestrians in future” Carrier medium of these three messages is a small bar of fairtrade chocolate handed out at appropriate localities such as zebra crossings, in front of schools, etc.… More info in german: Films: Pictures:

Contact: Dieter Schwab
Tel: +4369912375441

Drawing Competition "my way to school" amongst participants for Europe, Africa & Middle East
15 March - 14 May 2013, ÖAMTC

In cooperation with SOS Childrens' village International and FIA Clubs from FIA Region I (Europe, Africa, Middle East) - nine countries where selected Uganda, South Africa, Lebanon, Jordan, Bulgaria, Austria, Portugal, Bosnia&Herzegovian, Hungary SOS villages in these countries were asked to particiatpe in a drawing competiton for children aged 8 to 10 years. The winner will be announced on 14 May and will get a price for the whole village.

Contact: Eva Maria Kerschl
Tel: Email: