"You are the thoughtful one"
19-20 April 2013, You are the thoughtful one

Driven by our desire to create possibilities for the development of a safe transportation in Bulgaria; to give our children a chance to live in safety; to create conditions for equal chances for all participants on the road and limit high mortality rates linked to traffic accidents, we have united around the idea for a change in As the result of the accumulated positive experience, we will offer a strategy for changes in the educational system. This strategy will incorporate a proposition that the traffic regulations code is appointed as a mandatory course in the high-school educational system. In addition, a motivated proposal for the introduction of a freely chosen course, encompassing the learning of vehicle driving skills, is included in the high-school educational system. We believe that though this we will start the process of reeducation and traffic tolerance, which will result in real and adequate measures for the prevention of road and transportation risks. the driving skills education system.

Contact: Diana Russinova & Christina Tzoneva
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