Costa Rica

Traffic Calming Project: Artistic Crosswalks in high risk crosses
6-10 May, Automóvil Club de Costa Rica

Strengthen our road safety efforts by installing three artistic crosswalks on the most dangerous intersections in Curridabat city. To draw attention of drivers, national authorities and the media to road safety and encourage and motivate local governments of other cities to implement similar traffic calming measures. The project will include participation of students and local artists who will create the artistic forms that indicate to drivers, motorcyclists and others, that pedestrians have priority on the road. Curridabat is a city of over 72,000 inhabitants. Large numbers of vehicles travel across the city daily. Roads conditions are not always optimal for pedestrians since the signals are usually focused on vehicles. Citizens must recover their right to cross the road safely. The Automovil Club of Costa Rica has the support of local government and the Curridabat Mayor to develop this Project. The Mayor and his team have provided information about three places in the city for the implementation of this project. The Automovil Club will also include community participation in the process of implementing the project so that it is as appealing and effective as possible.

Contact: Gabriela Cob
Tel: +506 88234501