Mobility Week 2013 (Liikuvusnädal 2013)
6-10 May 2013, Linnalabor / The Urban Lab

During the Estonian mobility week Linnalabor and Estonian Road Agency will focus on the safety of cycling and pedestrians around elementary schools. School travel plans are introduced as useful programs to map mobility patterns of children and possible safety problems on their morning schoolway. Each day of the week has specific topic regarding the safety of pupils. On these days experts will discuss safety of cycling, walking and public transport, urban environment, car traffic and rollerblades as means to go to school. Activities: Linnalabor will compile two school travel plans to introduce the pedestrian and cycling safety issues of small town and capital city schools. On 7 May seminar called "Rush hour" on safe and sustainable urban environment is organised in the Tallinn Bus Station. Each day one short film is published, where students describe and present their morning schoolway.

Contact: Kaur Sarv
Tel: +3725090895