Protection of pedestrians on the streets
7-12 May 2013, Croatian Automobile Club (HAK)

On 07th of May we shall organize conference about pedestrians road safety. Representatives of Ministry of Transport, Ministry of the Interior, City administration, Public Health School, Croatian Automobile Club and NGO's will participate. AT the same conference we shall annotate ILCAD 2013 (International Level Crossing Awareness Day). During the week employees of HAK will be present on pedestrian crossings, and other places where pedestrians who behave improperly or unsafely may be in danger, record their behaviour and distribute them flyers with advises and recommendations about safe behaviour. According to FIA's recommendation we shall allow our citizens to share and upload photos and short videos of a daily walk on our web site. Throughout the weekend we shall take place on "Zagreb Auto Week" (event visited by thousands of visitors) with our "Rollover Simulator", enabling drivers and future drivers to experience one of the most dangerous situation on the road.

Contact: Damir Novak
Tel: +38598288993

Pedestrian safety in urban areas
9-12 May 2013, ORYX Group

The main purpose of this event is spending time in urban areas and gathering information about pedestrian opinion on current situation of their safety on the roads and quality of road infrastructure. Instead of drawing conclusion by ourselves, we plan to take their feedback into account – pedestrians have an opportunity to rank improvement needs in each of different areas, from most important to least important. As a part of this initiative we will contact the public and the media, publish the results and call for action. We also expect that our local and national government institutions will use these answers as inputs in defining their road and traffic strategy.

Contact: Goran Marinov
Tel: +38512030245