Focusing on Pedestrian's Safety During the 2nd UN Global Road Safety Week
6-11 May 2013, Magyar Autóklub

During 2nd UN Global Road Safety Week, MAK will organize family road safety days, focusing on pedestrian’s safety, during which, among others, a quiz on the Highway Code highlighting the issues of pedestrian’s safety and a special track will await adults. While a trainer drives a car on this track, pedestrians, wearing a pair of „drunken glasses”, writing sms or using a mobile phone can experience the risks endangering them. A road safety competition will be held for ladies. During an education with film projection, 500 young pupils will be separately taught of the information connected with pedestrians’ traffic. We prepare 30 posters, on which our joining the Road Safety Week and events held by MAK and FIA will be displayed. On May 7 a press conference will be held, attended by MAK, local municipality and police leaders, the media where we will stress the need to prioritise safe walking.

Contact: Kornelia Pulay
Tel: +36 1 3451680