Traffic Awareness Week
5-9 May 2013, International Grand Academy

The school will invite people involved with traffic like traffic police and doctors who are involved in emergency rooms to talk about the accidents that happen and the reasons behined the accidents. Also the results of these kinds of accidents. This will be for 4 days then in the last day of that week the school will have open day and do many events related to traffic.

Contact: Dr. Iman Alghazo

Second UN Global Road Safety Week
9-12 May 2013, Royal Health Awareness Society/ Safekids Jordan

The Royal Health Awareness Society (Safekids Jordan) in partnership with Safekids World Wide / FedEx will hold an outreach event for 150 elementary grade students from public schools at the Children Museum. The event will include activities and live demonstrations that address issues pertaining to pedestrian and vehicular safety practices, to emphasize the importance of the issue and to showcase the ongoing efforts of Safe Kids Jordan. The participating schools are part of the Think First project; therefore this event will be an added value to their efforts and will complement the activities they implement as part of their project plan. Experienced university volunteers will be involved in organizing the activities of the event which include: The Long/Short Walk, an entertaining play by Jordan Pioneers (Sesame Street), awareness songs performance, Road Safety Officer that will offer practical, pedestrian safety tips in addition to the distribution of gift bags and meals.

Contact: Reem Jarrar
Tel: +962798501985