Lao People's Democratic Republic

Safe Walking Carrying Reflective Objects
6 May - 31 August 2013, Department of Transport, Ministry of Public Works and Transport (NRSC Secretariat)

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport (National Road Safety Committee - NRSC) has approved the Department of Transport (NRSC Secretariat) to organize the Public Campaign on 11th MAY 2013 to remark the 2nd Global Road Safety Week under the Theme of the Pedestrian Safety. The event will take about 1 hour or so in the morning. The event will be organized under the joined effort of the Government Agencies, Privates, NGO and Publics leaded by the Department of Transport. The main source of funding for the event is from the Road Maintenance Fund (Road Safety Component). Varieties of participations are welcomed and opened to public. The participation and contribution can be any forms: inŒ-kind, inŒcash, labor, opinion and thoughts. The Minister of MPWT (NRSC Chair) will deliver a speech and cut ribbon prior to the launching of the walking. 500 to 800 people, which include the Government Official, Student, Young and Aged Vientiane Residents, are expected to join the walking from ThardLuang Square to Patouxia Park via Kayson Road and back to ThardLuang Square via 23rd Singha Road. The total length is approximately 3.5 km. The event has been organized under the title of: "Safe Walking Carrying Reflective Objects". This Topic will, however, elaborate more in August 2013 whereby the Department of Transport (NRSC Secretariat) will organize an additional Pedestrian Safety Campaign to enhance the 2nd Global Road Safety Week by providing more information related to the Pedestrian Safety and Traffic Safety as a whole to the public at the Chao ArNouVong Park where the NIGHT MARKET is located nearby. After the delivery of information session, the Q-ŒandŒ-A session will continued. The correct and incorrect answers will be priced by means of the small souvenir. This is under the impression that people will learn from the mistake and remember the correct one.

Contact: Mr. Somnuk MEKTAKUL
Tel: +856 20 2221 0977