Walk Safe, Cross Safe (WASCS 2013) 6-12 May 2013, Temidayo Ogan Child Safety and Support (TOCSS) Foundation

Following a just concluded Observation Survey by TOCSS Foundation; it is on record that almost 80% of Road Traffic Crashes involving pedestrians in Nigeria are majorly caused by impaired walking, poor visibility clothing and poor/unsafe road crossing. So it is in view of this that "Walk Safe Cross Safe" Project was designed to commemorate the 2nd UN Global Road Safety Week and to scale up our Pedestrian Safety Campaign Project in Nigeria.The fact that poor education in this regard is majorly responsible for the non-compliance of Pedestrian, WASCS will be kicking off on Tuesday with a Press Conference to create awareness on the issues surrounding Pedestrian Safety in Nigeria; with proposed participation of all Stakeholders including the Government Sectors. Wednesday will be a Day for Media Appearance on TV and Radio Stations to further enhance the public education on Pedestrian Safety in Nigeria.Thursday and Friday will be the days for Public Enlightenment through a road show .Thousands of fliers shall be distributed and several sessions of road safety advice shall be observed.Friday 9th of May , shall be a day to engage the hearts and minds of Corporate Executives and Government Executives with the agenda of pedestrian safety in Nigeria and the way forward. Saturday will be the day for a free seminar for pedestrians and motorists while Sunday will be for the "Long Short Walk " Event to close the week long project.

Contact: Temidayo Ogan
Tel: +234808 3133162

Children and Pedestrian Safety Poster and Roda Signs and Rules Exhibition and Lecture Campaign
8-12 May 2013, Friends of Road Safety (Nigeria)

1. Display of posters of pedestrian road safety
2. Descriptions of pedestrian safety road signs and rules
3. Lectures and video display of pedestrian road safety
4. Distribution of promotioal pedestrian safety materials

Contact: Titus Oluwole Shoga
Tel: +2348184319841

Ondo State Road Safety Week and Summit
6-12 May 2013, Ondo State Emergency Medical Services Agency

A Road Safety summit to look at data and trauma registry, education, regulations, clinical care and sustainability. In addition, week long events such as launching of trauma center, school based road safety initiative, road crash drills, first aid workshop and others.

Contact:Dr. Ayo Adeniyi and Dr.Ebi Awosika
Tel: +234-807-970-4026 and +1-952-393-5575 Email:

Pedestrian safety
18 April - 12 May 2013, United Spiritual Church (Cathedral)

A short street rally for "The Long Short Walk" to create awareness for the Second UN Global Road Safety Week, with the distribution of posters and fliers. Activities for the Road Safety Week include Question and Answer (on road safety), Talk, Drama and Quiz.

Contact: Tunde Sanyaolu
Tel: +2348060086903

The Children Traffic Club
6-12 May 2013, Automobile & Touring Club of Nigeria

Organise lessons to promote peer-to-peer road safety training. The idea is to train 100 students of different ages from ten schools as to equip them to teach road safety to their peers.

Contact: Ishaku Bamaiyi
Tel: +2348033310096


Road Safety Lecture / drama sketch junior high school students
Road Safety Debate for Senior Secondary Schools Students
Musical CD public presentation
Radio Talk show - We are all Pedestrians 7th May
TV Talk Show - We are all Pedestrians 8th May.
Long - Short Walk for Road Safety along the Central district of Abuja to media houses.
Road Safety lecture in Churches - Road Safety Starts with You
Road Safety lecture in Mosques - Road Safety Begins with you.

Contact: Olanrewaju Osho
Tel: +2348034501557