Safe Routes to School
6-10 May 2013, Road Traffic Injury Research and Prevention Centre (RTIR&PC)

The Safe Routes to School program brings together the Student, Parent & Teacher in a workshop format to identify hazards in the School Route and action plan evolves and translates into one “School Road Safety Action plan” with the coordinated efforts and refinement of School Teachers & Administration and other stakeholders. RTIRPC intends to train “Master Trainers” amongst the Teachers Community who then will go to different Schools to raise the Road Safety awareness along with their School Teachers and School Administration’s involvement. Sample Numbers of Masters Trainers will be allocated by Sindh Education Foundation, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation KMC, The Citizens Foundation to RTIRPC who will be sensitized about Global & Local Road Safety Issues, Statistics, Hazard Route Map, School Road Safety Action Plan and prevention strategies as publicized by WHO.

Contact: Dr. Rashid Jooma
Tel: +9221 99207377

Stop accidents
5-12 May 2013, /

Our Aim " NO ACCIDENT ". So, We are working to change the behavior of the people on the roads. We use all the methods to educate the people, about road safety

Contact: Khurshid Khushhali
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