Kids are the world's decoration-Keep them safe-Reduce the speed
9-10 May 2013, National center for Injury prevention and safety promotion - ASCSC OF WHO CSP -Safe Kids Serbia

In Kindergarten and elementary school we will organize:
1. Workshop-The kids as a pedestrians in the street;
2. Painting workshop - Kids as a safe participants in the traffic;
3. Exhibition-Health and safe promotion posters
4. Race on roller skates and trotinets
5. Kids send the messages to drivers
6. Music program

Contact: Mirjana Milankov
Tel: +381658393111

Let's walk safely
12 May 2013, Road Traffic Safety Agency of the Republic of Serbia

On 12th May, RTSA and its partners from Traffic Police, Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Serbia, Red Cross of Serbia and Belgrade Youth Office will organize pedestrian day in the city center of Belgrade. On that day, the central city streets will be closed for cars and this occasion will be a great chance to draw attention to the vulnerability and necessity to pay special attention to the safety of the pedestrians.

Contact: Nikola Brboric
Tel: +381113117298