Pedestrian safety for a Ugandan child
2 - 11 May 2013, Injury Control Center Uganda and Safekids Uganda

The event will focus of child pedestrian safety, with activities running through the week and a finale event on thursday 9th May, 2013. Activities will be in the main capital city of Uganda, Kampala and 2 up country towns of Gulu in Northern Uganda and Jinja in Eastern Uganda. The events will involve different stakeholders from government to civil society. The event activities will include a safety audit in 12 primary schools, painting 5 zebra crossings, putting up road signs by schools, an essay competition for school kids, awareness raising in both traditional and social media. Training of 40 traffic wardens of primary schools, and equipping them with reflective jackets and crossing plakards.

Contact: Mable Nakitto Tomusange
Tel: +256-772-432757

Know about the road furnture in respect to road safety
10-11 May 2013, Caregivers East Africa (CAGIEA)

CAGIEA publishes the East Africa Public Toilets Guide for free distribution to travelers, tourist and any other communities, We are working on a special edition to include road safety articles etc. During the Road Safety Week our agents will be out to meet travelers in bus, bus lounge, taxi parks, tour operators, camp sites etc and also distribute the Toilet Guide.

Contact: Ssebabi Deo

Awareness campaign
6-10 May 2013, Women in Logistics and Transport in Uganda (WILAT-UG)

In Uganda 578 pedestrians perished on the roads in 2012, majority being children and by identifying with this campaign, WILAT, is collaborating with schools to raise awareness and impart some knowledge on how to use roads.

Contact:Lucy Polly Adekd
Tel: +256752600451

Pedestrian safety booths
7-10 May 2013, Safe Way Right Way Uganda

Safe Way Right Way - Uganda will set up "pedestrian safety booths" at three of Kampala cities largest and busiest markets; Nakawa Market, Kajjansi market and Kasubi Market. These markets boast over 6000 vendors and thousands of "pedestrains" coming in to buy merchandise. Pedestrain safety booths provide an excellent platform to reach our pedestrain communities and deliver road safety awareness and education on pedestrian safety. They will also provide a platform for information sharing and exchange with the vendor community as well as the communities surrounding these markets. Road safety skits will be performed and both vendors and the public will receive educative materials as well as reflective materials such as jackets and arm bands.

Contact: Barbara Mwanje
Tel: +256 772 778 094