Pedestrian safety week
6-12 May 2013, Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez

During the Global Road Safety Week and within the framework of an agreement signed with Safe Kids Worldwide and FedEx, the Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez will coordinate the following activities in order to alert authorities, parents, teachers and adults transporting children about the need for improved infrastructure around schools: - Send findings and recommendations from a 2012 research on child mobility around school surroundings to officials in charge of road infrastructure around schools. - Engage mass media outlets in order to disseminate information to parents and caregivers about safety when traveling with children. - Produce and distribute on‐line materials about safe transport and road behaviors around schools. - Display banners showing information on safe mobility for pedestrians on the 15 worst traffic intersections around schools in Montevideo (selected from the research). - Invite media sources to these selected intersections. - Invite FedEx to volunteer during the activities. - Disseminate post-event photos/information.

Contact: Eugenia González Presto
Tel: +59826288815
Email: egp@gonzalorodriguez.org

Long Short Walk
10 May 2013, Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez

Long Short Walk will take place in the surroundings of a school selected from a research conducted by the Fundacion Gonzalo Rodriguez (FGR) with the support of the National Agency for Investigation and Innovation (ANII) in Uruguay (“Analysis of Child Road Accidents in Uruguay: a Preventive Approach”). This symbolic walk will involve students and teachers of the school, staff and volunteers of the FGR, recognized media figures and the general public. The walk and related materials/dissemination (financed by a grant awarded by the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety) are aligned with the activities regarding Pedestrian Safety to be carried out by the FGR during the GRSW (within the framework of an agreement signed with Safe Kids Worldwide and FedEx) and are expected to be the center of the dissemination of the issue, including press and delivery of educational information to participants and general public.

Contact: Eugenia González Presto
Tel: +59826288815
Email: egp@gonzalorodriguez.org

6-12 May 2013, Unidad Nacional de Seguridad Vial (UNASEV)

UNASEV y una serie importante de organizaciones públicas y privadas de la sociedad civil, generaron calendario de actividades de difusión sobre la vulnerabilidad, derechos y deberes de los Peatones, en todo el Uruguay: intervenciones teatrales urbanas, sensibilización en escuelas, liceos y vía pública. Ver: www.unasev.gub.uy

Contact: Lic. Alvaro Silvera Massa
Tel: +59821508801
Email: asilvera@presidencia.gub.uy