Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kid's road safety improvement in Republic of Srpska

29 April - 8 May 2015, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The goal of the activity is the increasement of kid’s traffic safety level in Republic of Srpska, through increasing the safety of pedestrian children- especially in night traffic conditions, public transport conditions (pedestrian crossing, pedestrian crossing with and without count-display, home of this activ to school safety roads establishment (elementary schools "Branko Radicevic" and „Sveti Sava“).

The goal is: 1) 100 Kids signed declarations 2) creation and promotion of the "home-school safe road" for elementary school"Branko Radicevic" and 3) promotion of this activity at the international level through the internet address: and and at the national level: Also, one of the objectives of this activity is to promote works aimed at improving knowledge, attitudes and behavior of children-pedestrians and cyclists children- in school zones and on their way to and from school in the Republic of Srpska. That is exactly the potential of this activity- making the elaborate about traffic safety considering elementary school and representation of the "home to school safety road."

Contact: Milan Tesic
Tel: +38751220330

eTests - Road Traffic Regulations Learning Program for Schoolchildren

1 April - 30 May 2015, Nationwide, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The project implies the designing, development and implementation of the educational software, i.e. the eTests for primary school students aimed at improving their knowledge on road safety through attractive and age-adapted computerized solutions. eTests will be posted on BIHAMK's official web page and contain two parts: - Educational, accessible to all B-H primary school students through online registering, i.e. providing the necessary data enabling them access to the program. - Competitive, accessible exclusively to the competitors that are provided with appropriate usernames and passwords.

Contact: Mersiha Imsirovic
Tel: +38733290110