Traffic Safety Week

4-11 May 2015, Graz, Austria

Traffic education at primary schools; traffic checks with police and students: CRS, bicycle helmets, bicycle safety, traffic speed control in cities and in front of schools; press conference on bicycle safety and helmets.

Contact: Peter Spitzer
Tel: +4331638513764

Kleines Straßen 1x1

4 May 2015, Vienna, Austria

A presentation of a new ÖAMTC concept for children aged 5 to 6: the children learn in a playful way how to safely participate in road traffic (how to cross a street, how to act when on a sidewalk, how to be safe in a car/bus, etc.) The kids will have the possibility to practice all situations themselves while the instructors are there to support them at any time.

Contact: Eva Maria Kerschl
Tel: +4317119921231