#SaveKidsLives 2015

4-10 May 2015, Beirut, Lebanon

During #SaveKidsLives week, Kunhadi will give road safety conferences every day in eight different schools and universities all over Lebanon for a total number of 849 person: 515 kids aged 6 to 10; 311 kids aged 11 to 13; and 68 adults.

In collaboration with Holcim Lebanon, Kunhadi will organize two "Road Safety Day" on May 5 & 6 in the north of Lebanon. These two days will include eight conferences in four schools for children aged 6 to 10 and 11 to 13.

On May 8, Kunhadi will collaborate with the UNIFIL in Shama (South Lebanon) to organize a "Road Safety Day". Along with the Italian troops, Kunhadi will give two conferences for children aged 6 to 10 and 11 to 13. Using simulators, they will teach children how to cross the road safely and help them learn road signs.

Kunhadi's ambassador, Mrs. Inas Abou Ayyash, and/or Kunhadi president are collecting declaration signatures from the Minister of Social Affairs, the Minister of Public Works and Transportation, the Minister of Education and Higher Education and from the Parliament member General Michel Aoun, to support this campaign and make road safety a priority.

Before and during #SaveKidsLives week, Kunhadi will participate in talk shows and give interviews to TVs and radios to promote the campaign and the events.

Sponsored by Beirut Cosmopolitan Rotaract Club, District 2452, Kunhadi will install a safe crossing in front of two schools in Badaro to protect the safety of young students who cross this road twice a day.

Accompanied by a few students, Kunhadi will visit the Minister of Education, Minister of Interior and Municipalities, and a number of decision makers to present them with signatures collected throughout the year to support #SaveKidsLives campaign and urge them to improve road infrastructure, road user behavior and strictly implement laws to regulate road safety.

Contact: May Abdouny
Tel: + 961 5 450516
Email: may.abdouny@kunhadi.org

Third United Nations Global Road Safety Week 2015: ESCWA Regional Workshop on Road Safety

27-29 May 2015, Beirut, Lebanon

ESCWA is organizing a Regional Workshop on Road Safety, as part of the activities planned for the Third UN Global Road Safety Week. The workshop will tackle road safety issues, in conformity with ESCWA mandate and commitment to improve road safety in the Arab region. The main themes of the workshop include: Follow-up on Road Safety Management in the ESCWA member countries; Safety of Children as the theme of the Third UN Global Road Safety Week; Social Learning on Road Safety; Lessons Learned and Good practices.

Contact: UN ESCWA
Tel: 961-76046402
Email: escwa-ciu@un.org

ATCL & Kunhadi #SaveKidsLives with Safe Crossings

8 June 2015, Zouk Mikael, Lebanon

On the occasion of #SaveKidsLives campaign, ATCL (Automobile and Touring Club in Lebanon) and KUNHADI teamed up to improve road safety for children thanks to a grant from the FIA. After they gave a road safety conference to the students from Elias Abou Chabke Public School, ATCL and KUNHADI installed a safe crossing in front of the school to improve the safety of children on their way to and from the school. The launching will take place on June 8, 2015 with representatives from ATCL and Kunhadi.

Contact: Sophie Vaisset
Tel: + 961 5 450516
Email: sophie.vaisset@kunhadi.org