Global Road Safety Week 2015: Save Kids Lives

27 April - 8 May 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

The campaign Global Road Safety Week 2015: Save Kids Lives seeks to highlight the plight of children on the roads and generate action to better ensure their safety, which will be in line with the principles of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020. The campaign also seeks to encourage the government authorities responsible for the nation's road safety policy to generate concrete road safety measures and make it happen.

Contact: Kronwika Buntanon
Tel: 66 81 7010411

Press conference

8 May 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

Press conference in Bangkok on May 8 entitled "Thailand RS situation 2015: children and RS".

Contact: Witaya Chadbunchachai
Tel: +66 43 337525

Save Kids Lives

4-29 May 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

Recognition of children protection on road safety through stakeholders.

Contact: Prasert Aphiphunya
Tel: 66814420077

Children and Safety Town

9 May - 16 August 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

Road Safety Training and daily life awareness such as self protection from stranger, fire, animals and chemical products.

Contact: Rosalina Alexander
Tel: 6620232396