World Youth Assembly for Road Safety

On 23-24 April 2007 a World Youth Assembly for Road Safety is held at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. The Assembly is modeled on the format of the UN General Assembly or World Health Assembly, involving delegations of young people from many countries. The Assembly is a youth-oriented event, organized, led and attended by young people. Many of the delegates representing Member States and NGOs serve as road safety advocates in their countries. The objectives of the Assembly are to:

  • give a voice to young people on the road safety issue
  • contribute to a shift in attitudes and behavior towards road safety among young people
  • encourage and support a cadre of national leaders for road safety
  • launch the "Youth Declaration for Road Safety", a document describing the views of young people on what they, their parents, teachers, government leaders and others can do to improve road safety, which will be used to catalyze attention and spur action around the world

In addition to adopting the "Youth Declaration for Road Safety", delegates have the opportunity to hear from road safety experts, present on national and local road safety activities involving youth, and participate in working groups on how to implement the declaration in their home countries.

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