Czech Republic



First Global Road Safety Week Czech Republic
23-29 April 2007 — UN House, Prague, Czech Republic

Variety of Activities: National Road Safety Campaigns, Seminars (E.g. National Injury Free Days Seminar, International Seminar on Child Traffic Injury Prevention, Approval of the National Strategy for Child Injury Prevention). There will also be a road safety drawing contest for children and an exhibition at the UN House, Prague and the Czech Centre of Road Accident Prevention will sign the European Road Safety Charter. WHO also supports the European Contest for Young Truck Drivers and will present the first UN Global Road Safety Week at the PRAGOALARM Exhibition.

Contact: Pavla Kortusova, WHO Country office
Telephone: +42 0257 199 880, Fax: +42 0257 328 966

Young drivers and crashes
23 April 2007 — Czech Republic, Spain, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, Ethiopia, Netherlands

In the Czech Republic and in Spain, a traffic education program for young drivers (16-18 years) will be organized under the banner of IRSA; the program is called "The Action" (Czech Republic) and "The Road Show" (Spain). In the other countries, IRSA is organizing train-the-trainer programs for police trainers and traffic police specialists with respect to the improvement of traffic enforcement and the handling of crashes, including the improvement of crash data collection.

Contact: Peter ter Meulen, International Road Safety Academy - Association
Telephone: +31 205708930, Fax: +31 205708989