Road safety
23 April 2007 — Assiut, Egypt

The aim is to raise the traffic awareness of people in Assiut governorate. The objectives are to raise the quality of 20 persons to implement the traffic awareness and raising the awareness of 1000 persons of the traffic instructions. Several activities are planned : Arrange 2 training workshops for the team members who will implement the awareness sessions and implementing awareness needs assessment to be aware of the traffic information of the drivers and the people to plane the awareness subjects. Implement 25 awareness meeting in the Cars stations, schools and Assiut university, planning the roads to limit the places of pedestrians, forming Committees to examine the safety Cars wheels, implementing TV program of week of Road Safety, forming Consulting committee of the stakeholders and decision makers. Results of this activities: 20 persons able to give Traffic awareness, raise of the awareness level of traffic instructions of 1000 person. Two main streets are planned and limited places for pedestrians, a high number of stakeholders and decision makers will be aware of the problem and the available solutions and the media will get a clear role. Needs to implement the activities through T-Shirts, Caps, CDs, Posters, pamphlets, Road paints materials, data show, computer, panners and traffic instructions signs.

Contact: Osama H. Kamel, ACDA ( Assiut Childhood and Development Association)
Telephone: +20 127217278, Fax: +20 882400435

Safety week
24 April 2007 — Portsaid and Ismailia, Egypt

This week activities try to raise the awareness among school student and university students through a survey among young drivers and a community festival (walk to school day).

Contact: Enas Elsheikh, Suez Canal University and NGOs
Telephone: +20 643234807, Fax: +20 643234809