National and local activities

It is anticipated that national and local celebrations to mark the Week will involve hundreds of events which will be starting points for additional road safety initiatives in countries. These may include high-level policy discussions on road safety, launches of new road safety strategies or plans of action, the adoption of new legislation related to road safety, ceremonies dedicated to victims of road traffic injuries, or a host of high-profile advocacy events, including some involving national and local media. Ideally, the preparation for these would be led by a national multi-sectoral committee, represented by all relevant sectors. To assist in the organization of national and local events, a "toolkit for organizers" is available.

Through this section of this web site, organizers of events will be able to inform others about the activities they are planning in a listing of events by country. This listing reflects the activities of those groups which have completed the form to request a listing on the web site. In order to make the listing as comprehensive and useful as possible, all organizers of events are encouraged to complete the form.

Please note that some events submitted may not be posted to the public web site. Events posted on this site are not endorsed by WHO, but are provided as a service to our users. In no event shall the World Health Organization be liable for any damages arising from the use of the information linked to in this section.

Activities by country