Global Road Safety Week
23 April 2007 — University of Navarra, Spain

A course on AIS coding techniques, the 3rd Annual course on biomechanics of impact applied to motor vehicle injuries and a plenary session, open to the general public entitled "Myths and realities on motor vehicle safety", will be held at the University.

Contact: María Seguí-Gómez, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Navarra
Telephone: +34 948425600, Fax: +34 948425649

Primera semana mundial sobre seguridad vial
23 April 2007 — Instalaciones municipales, Spain

Campaña de sensibilzacion para "Jovenes" de más de 50 años. Campaña de sensibilzacion para "Jovenes" de menos de 25 años.

Contact: Raimundo G. Cuesta, Oviedo Council
Telephone: +349 85113477, Fax: +349 85277358
Web site:

IV Safety Road Campaign for Young People in Extremadura
28 April 2007 — Near the Town Hall, Merida (Extremadura), Spain

We are going to develop our Fourth Year Campaign About Safety Roads in our region, next 23-29 april 2007. We will deliver information and materials about Safety Road Education for young people, and we also will play music, movies, ...

Contact: Daniel Cambero, Alternativa Joven de Extremadura
Telephone: +34 924242564, Fax: +34 924242564
Web site:

Semaine mondiale de sécurité routière
23 April 2007 — Spain/Portugal

Examen des pneus gratuit pendant 3 semaines avec distribution de CD "le bon usage du pneumatique". En outre, distribution de la brochure "Guide de sécurité pour la route" à l'ensemble du personnel pour sensibiliser les employés du groupe Michelin. Aussi, sur les sites Michelin il y aura l'action "implication dans la vie locale" autour de la sécurité routière et avec la participation d'employés volontaires.

Contact: Juan José Pedrayes Larrauri, Michelin
Telephone: +34 914105199, Fax: +34 914105293

Semana Mundial de la Seguridad Vial
23 April 2007 — Madrid, Spain

An exhibition of the road safety measures in Madrid, together with a daily seminar during the week, games for children, safety demonstrations, efficient car driving lessons, etc., gathered in a canvas in a very representative square in Madrid, will be the rounding activities of a Roadshow, developed with any stakeholders involved in the road safety, This initiative brings the emergency services together in a theatre stage to demonstrate to young people their input to the scene of an accident and the risks they should to avoid.

Contact: Ignacio Ramos, Madrid City Council/Mobility Foundation
Telephone: +34 917877271, Fax: +34 913271125

Young drivers and crashes
23 April 2007 — Czech Republic, Spain, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, Ethiopia, Netherlands

In the Czech Republic and in Spain, a traffic education program for young drivers (16-18 years) will be organized under the banner of IRSA; the program is called "The Action" (Czech Republic) and "The Road Show" (Spain). In the other countries, IRSA is organizing train-the-trainer programs for police trainers and traffic police specialists with respect to the improvement of traffic enforcement and the handling of crashes, including the improvement of crash data collection.

Contact: Peter ter Meulen, International Road Safety Academy - Association
Telephone: +31 205708930, Fax: +31 205708989