Launching of Road Safety Week and national Road Safety Strategy (2006-2010)
23 April 2007 — Cape Coast, Ghana

Pedestrians continue to constitute the largest category of fatalities (over 40%), resulting from road traffic crashes in the country, there is therefore the need to sensitize the motorist to respect the pedestrian as a road user and thus reduce casualties.

Contact: May Obiri-Yeboah, National Road Safety commission
Telephone: +233 21761726

Opération "Faites le plein d'air"
23 April 2007 — Ghana

L'opération consiste à contrôler gratuitement la pression et l'état des pneumatiques. A chaque automobiliste les équipes expliquent combien la juste pression et l'entretien de leur pneumatiques est important pour leur sécurité.

Contact: Laurent Tridemy, Michelin
Telephone: +233 473327821, Fax: +233 473326977