Iran (Islamic Republic of)



Youth Seminar on road safety
24 April 2007 — Tehran/Lavasan, Kashmar, Arsanjan cities, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Several activities are planned: The UN week's toolkit has been translated into Persian and distributed to all 30 provincial focal points. A drawing competition on Road Safety for school kids and young adults has been organized with collaboration of Ministry of Education and the winning drawings, selected by a committee, consisting of experts from health and education sectors, will be published. Lavasan, Kashmar & Arsanjan city are three communities which were nominated for "International safe community network designation" on June 2007. A multisectoral youth seminar is one the planned activities. The theme is children and Road Safety: protect youngsters from suffering from road traffic injuries. This seminar is intended to raise more and constant awareness among major stakeholders at local and national level, as well as to raise awareness among car drivers and motorist for children safety and protection. Broad media coverage has been planned. Besides the seminar an exhibition, a kids' film projection and drawing competitions will be held.

Contact: Alireza Moghisi, Center for Disease Control
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