Kenyan Road Safety Week
20-23 April 2007 — Nairobi, Kenya

Road Safety Walk (Processions with key messages on placards), demonstrations on Road Safety rules and regulations and distribution of bumper stickers or wrist bands to motorists on major highways.

Contact: David N Njoroge, Automobile Association of Kenya
Telephone: +254 020-825060-6, Fax: +254 020-825068

UN Global Road Safety Week
23 April 2007 — Nairobi, Busia, Kisumu, Nakuru, Kenya

1. Cyclists commonly called Boda Bodas to cycle in the towns of Busia, Kisumu and Nakuru and to receive road safety training. 2. Media Campaign on Road Safety to include Seminar for Journalists on Road Safety in Kenya

Contact: George Mahinda, Destiny Africa
Telephone: +254 20310728#9, Fax: +254 20313588