Republic of Korea



Bike Safety School
28 April 2007 — Seoul, Republic of Korea

After bike safety education via internet, children have a bike driver's license test. Safe Kids Korea issues bicycle driver's license to children who passed the test and also distributes helmets. In this event, Safe Kids Korea will educate children about bike safety (especially about the importance of wearing a helmet) and celebrates the UN Road Safety Week.

Contact: Jeeyoun Jeong, Safe Kids Korea
Telephone: 0082 28290195, Fax: 0082 28290198
Web site:

Founding Meeting of The Korea Road Safety Forum
27 April 2007 — Samsung Insurance Building, Mugyo-dong, Seoul, Republic of Korea

The new direction of transportation safety policy outlined by the recently revised 'Transportation Safety Law' will be presented by a Government Official and the inauguaration of 'Korea Road Safety Forum' which will provide with an open forum to all stakeholders in road safety will be declared by the President of the Korea Transportation Safety Authority, who will organize the Forum.

Contact: Bu-Yong Shin, Dr., Korea Transport Authority
Telephone: +11 82313623700, Fax: +11 82314810491
Web site:

Internal training for employees
25 April 2007 — Busan, Republic of Korea

Internal trainings for employees to raise their awareness of road safety through email, face to face and bulletine posts. Some materials will be translated into Korean for better understanding.

Contact: Kiyong Jung, Hankook Shell Oil Co., Ltd.
Telephone: +82 516 205 199, Fax: +82 516 247 116