National campaign on careless driving and tiredness "What do people do while driving"
17 April 2007 — Latvia, Latvia

The national campaign on careless driving will take place in whole of Latvia for 3 weeks, starting on 17 April 2007. The main activities will be concentrated during UN road safety week (23.-29.April 2007). These include video and audio clips, communication via internet, environment-related advertisements, police raids as well as press conferences and round table discussion with decision makers from respective ministries (Interior, Transport, Health and Education), public discussions on national TV and other activities. The campaign is support by the UN country team, the Transport department, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Interior and the State Police.

Contact: Iveta Gravite-Masson, WHO EURO Country office of Latvia
Telephone: +371 7503619, Fax: +371 7503603

Safety Week "Road Safety"
23 April 2007 — Latvia, Latvia

The aim of the Road Safety Week is to improve knowledge on several road safety items. Participans are pupils from grade 1 to 12 (age 7-18 ) in whole Latvia. During this week different activities will take place in all scholls in Latvia: competitions, discussions etc.

Contact: Kristine Ilgaza, The Centre for Curriculum Development and Examinations
Telephone: +371 29420515, Fax: +371 7223801
Web site: