The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia



Conference of the National board for road safety
2 May 2007 — Skopje, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Final conference of the National board for road safety, with purpose to present the realized activities during the Road Safety Week, recommendations emerging from the conference for future activities and press conference and assigning winning prizes for student-winners of the thematic competition on works about road safety. The agenda for the conference: 1. Video material 2. Global report "Youth and road safety" 3. Generic powerpoint presentation with European and Macedonian data 4. Presentations from the board members the realized activities 5. Panel discussion with recommendations 6. Press conference

Contact: Assoc. Prof. Fimka Tozija, Republic Institute for Health Protection
Telephone: +389 23125044 ext. 110
Web site:

Press conference
19 April 2007 — Skopje, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

The press conference will be held jointly with the national focal point, selected for this event by the government, Associate Professor Dr. Fimka Tozija. The press conference will inform on this initiative, scope of the week and on planned national and international events. It will also communicate the importance of initiatives for safer roads and national mortality and morbidity statistic data, resulting from road accidents, for this age group and the general population. Besides that, effective measures to prevent future events will be presented.

Contact: Dr. Marija Kisman, WHO Country Office
Telephone: +389 23064 599, Fax: +389 23063 710