First UN Global Road Safety Week
23 April 2007 — 37 States and federal capital territory, Nigeria

Organisation of the first UN Global Road Safety Week in Nigeria. This will involve Campaigns, Youth Assembly and Lectures.

Contact: Bo Oyeyemi, Federal Road Safety Commission
Telephone: +234 8056208767, Fax: +234 95234643

Global Road Safety Campaign
1-7 April 2007 — Aba Town Hall, Aba, Abia State, Nigeria

Seminar, Road Match, Cyclists Motorcade Involving Cyclists Union In Aba. Members of the Union of road transport workers and other NGOS will participate in the week's event. The aim is to reduce the number of road accidents.

Contact: Iwuoha Chima Iwuoha, Refugee Relief Workers International
Telephone: +234 8035622086

Global Road Safety Week
23 April 2007 — Ilorin, Kwara, Nigeria

Carry out a one-week programme of public enlightenment events like rallies etc on road safety to all classes of drivers alongside with visits by road safety officers wives (Rosowa) to road traffic crash victims in hospital wards in Kwara state as directed by our FRSC HQ.

Contact: Osawe Ep, FRSC, RS8.1, Ilorin
Telephone: +234 8062277186

Global Road Safety Week
24-27 April 2007 — Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria

PATVORA plans several activities to support the Week. First of all, a road safety game is distributed to schools. It promotes road sign education and it is intended to assist school children understand road signs and effect positive behavioral change among commercial motor drivers especially while they await passengers at motor parks. The Organization is also launching a website, which is a four-year compilation of media reports and analysis on road and injuries; rescue efforts and challenges; views and victims' voices. Finally, PATVORA also offers free training on First Aid to petrol station attendants situated on major highways, to enhance volunteering for road safety and improve response time for road crash victims; it is especially important in a country like Nigeria where medical help for accident victims often arrive late.

Contact: Chude Ojugbana, Prompt Assistance To Victims Of Road Accidents (PATVORA)
Telephone: +234 8023232328
Web site:

Improving Road Safety Among Commercial Drivers
25 April 2007 — NURTW Branch Office Hall, Nigeria

The campaign is aimed at educating commercial drivers about the important role they play in road safety. Topics to be addressed include the problem of road traffic accidents as well as the causes and prevention of accidents. The reasons for poor/non-use of seatbelts will also be addressed and brainstorming sessions held with members and executives of the commercial drivers associations to arrive at ways of improving seat belt use. Officers of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), Oyo State will be invited to participate in the health campaign.

Contact: Dr. Adesola O. Sangowawa, The Resident Doctors, Dept. Of Community Medicine, University College Hospital, Ibadan
Telephone: +234 8033265796, Fax: +234 22411768

Launching of Youth Against Traffic Accident (YARTA) Clubs in post primary schools in Nigeria
23 April 2007 — Uyo, Nigeria

Televised youth discussion on road safety and young road users, official launch of the club by both the Ministries of Health and Education and a campaign on the use of crash helmets.

Contact: Joseph Udeme, Centre for Accident Prevention (CAP)
Telephone: +234-8028862022

Reflective safety waistcoats for children
24 April 2007 — Lagos, Abuja and Ibadan, Nigeria

It is extremely dangerous for the children to travel to school near busy roads in Nigeria. We want to make sure that children can be seen with the Safety Reflectives' Walk to School Waistcoat so road users see exactly where they are. We want to distibute 1000 reflective waist coats to school children. Our site will be up with relevant information within the next two weeks.

Contact: Adenusi Patrick, El-Elyon limited
Telephone: +234 8037863837

Ride To Return Alive
23 June 2007 — Warri, Delta State, Nigeria

The event focuses on motorcycle safety. Street campaign will be held on strategic motorcycle stops along major streets. Issues relating to why riders should wear safety helmets shall be discussed as well as how to ride safely bearing in mind the pedestrains, particularly the young people on the street. A second part of the event consists in the lecture of road safety poems and ryhmes by school children. The poems and ryhmes cover road safety issues as safety belts, zebra crossing, crossing where no zebra crossing exists, speeding, T-junctions, phoning while driving and driving drunk. If the road safety game can be completed before the Road Safety Week, the event will provide an opportunity to launch it.

Contact: Uche Eke, Royal Life Saving Society of Nigeria, Delta State Branch
Telephone: +23480511204 or +2348023052633

Safe Roads for Sustainable Development
23 April 2007 — Owerri-Imo State and All our terminals spread across the country, Nigeria

On-board enlightenment programmes for passengers, handbills, seminars for drivers,attendants and staff,publication in our on-board magazine. Awards to drivers and attendants with the best safety strategy.

Contact: Chukwuemeka Ulor, ABC Transport
Telephone: +234 8038798834, Fax: n/a

Road Safety Appreciation Summit of School Children and Lauching of After School Hours Road Safety Initiative
23 April 2007 — National Centre for Women Development, Abuja. Portharcourt and Lagos, Nigeria

The weeklong event, which will include talkshops, drama sketches, seminars, candlelight procession and launching of the "After School Hours Road safety Initiative is aimed at promoting rapid spread of road safety education amongst junior and high school students with the view to reducing road traffic injuries and deaths amongst young road users and then using them as change agents to reach out to their parents, families and friends.

Contact: Olanrewaju Lawrence Osho, Safety Alliance
Telephone: +234 8034501557, 234-805-215-7720, Fax: +234 95235386
Web site:

Safety all the way
15-17 March 2007 — Designated Garages and Motor Parks in Abuja, Nigeria

Campaign against drinking and driving; free eye test campaign

Contact: Comrade Monday Eligimbe, Drivers' Welfare Club of Nigeria
Telephone: +234 803 450 34 99

Seminar "Millennium Development Goals: Reducing Road Fatalities By Half By 2015"
26 April 2007 — Hotel de la Paix, Aba, Nigeria

We have selected different people from the Nigerain Road Safety Commission and the Traffic division of the Nigerian Police. Our audience includes members of the Nigerian Road Transport Workers, Drivers in general and commercial Motor Cycle Drivers, Pedestrians and school children. In Partnership with the Nigerian Red Cross and other voluntary organizations there will be a First Aid Training course on the second day of our event. Other planned programs include Dramer, Road match by school children and church service on sunday.

Contact: MR. Alexius Chucks Onwuka, Road Safety Campaign Volunteers Of Nigeria
Telephone: 00234 8038798354

UN Global Road Safety Week
28 April 2007 — Lagos, Nigeria

CEHAP is organising road safety activities that will span the whole week. There will be Radio gingles, Television programmes, workshops, rallies and road safety campaigns. These activities will culminate in a road safety march (Walk For Life) on Saturday, 28th April, 2007, Involving Celebrities, Popular Nollywood actors/actresses and some popular musicians. Our website with details of the Week activities will be up soon.

Contact: Dr. Chinedu Nkole, Centre For Emergency Help And Accident Prevention(CEHAP)
Telephone: +234 8056277282

Youth / Young Road Users Summit and nauguration of After School Hours Road Safety Initiative
25 April 2007 — Abuja, Lagos and Port-harcourt, Nigeria

The After School Hours Road Safety Initiative which will be inaugurated on Wednesday 25th April 2007 is an initiative of Safety Alliance to promote rapid spread of road safety education amongst junior and high school students with the view to reducing road traffic injuries and deaths amongst young road users and then using them as change agents to reach out to their parents, families and friends.

Contact: Olanrewaju Lawrence Osho, Safety Alliance
Telephone: +234 8034501557, +234 8052157720, Fax: +234 95235386
Web site: http://