Dutch Road Safety Week
23-27 April 2007 — Nationwide, Netherlands

The Dutch Global Road Safety week tries to raise public and political awareness and tries to promote action and active involvement throughout a variety of initiatives. Each day of the week focuses on a different group of young road users between the age of 4 - 24 and all events are coordinated by a collaboration of the Ministry of Transport, the National Road Safety Association VVN, the Road User Association ANWB, young drivers organization Team Alert, regional authorities, the Road Safety Research Institute SWOV and the police. To start the Road Safety Week, a press conference, referring to the objectives of the Week, will be held. The Minister of Transport will also present the road safety statistics of 2006, with specific attention to young road users of 0-24 years. During the week, several existing and new local projects, all targeting road safety of young people, are being promoted. A book on blind spots of trucks, an OECD-publication on young drivers and the results of a national survey among primary school pupils will be released and communicated. A Jubilee Congress will be held in honor of the 45th anniversary of SWOV, at which scientists and policy makers will discuss the results of recent scientific research on road safety. On the last day, the resolution of the World Youth Assembly is input for a debate between national and regional politicians, experts and elected young road users.

Contact: J.A. Tamis, Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management
Telephone: +31703516456, Fax: +31703516411

Survey and contest for primary school pupils (9-12 years)
24 April 2007 — Schools throughout the Netherlands

In february a survey is held among pupils of the highest classes of primary school (9-12 years). The survey is held by means of the free National Childrens Paper, which is spread to about 1500 primary schools in The Netherlands. The questions in the survey relate to the problems childres encounter in daily traffic and the solutions they have for these problems. The survey is combined with a contest. Those children who offer the most creative solution for improving road safety of their own age group can win attractive prizes, f.e. a weekend to Disneyland Paris.

Contact: J.A. Tamis, Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management/Road safety division
Telephone: +31703516456, Fax: +31703516411