Norwegian Road Safety Week
23-29 April 2007 — Nationwide, Norway

The road safety Week will be launched nationally with a joint press conference with the three ministers of transport, health and justice on Monday 23 April. Attention will be drawn to the objectives of the Week in the global and national context. We are aiming to strengthening existing campaigns and activities with a special emphasis on young road users during the Week both in global and national context. This includes a seat belt campaign aimed at young people and campaign and control activities aimed at 2-wheelers. We also try to call special attention to various youth initiatives and local road safety projects around the country and there will be an exhibition on the theme of young road users and young drivers. In the exhibit we will present various Norwegian road safety campaigns, activities and local projects aimed at young road users through the use of files, posters, etc.

Contact: Jakob Linhave, Department of Environmental Health - Directorate for Health and Social Affairs
Telephone: 0047 24163562