1st Road Safety Forum. "Road Safety is No Accident. Young Road Users as a High Risk Group"
26 April 2007 — 53 E. Plater Str., 00-113 Warsaw, Poland

The 1. Safety Forum is part of the Global Road Safety Week in Poland, organized by our Partnership together with the Polish National Road Safety Council. As the issue of young drivers is currently a critical one in Poland, our main goal is to attract attention of decision makers to the high rate of road accidents caused by young people. The further goal is to initiate a broad discussion about effective measures in order to change the situation of the high rate of the road crashes/injuries in the group of young road users (ex. law, education, road safety campaigns, etc.). Start: 11.00 am

Contact: Jaroslaw Giemza, Road Safety Partnership Poland (Partnerstwo dla Bezpieczenstwa Drogowego)
Telephone: +48 228276763
E-mail: jgiemza@pbd.org.pl

Drink driving
22 April 2007 — Poland, Poland

Evénement en discothéques: avec vérification du taux d'alcool chez les participants et un concours dont les prix seront des leçons de conduites spéciales aux écoles de conduite.

Contact: Malgorzata Babik, Michelin
Telephone: n/a
E-mail: malgorzata.babit@pl.michelin.com

First UN Global Road Safety Week
23 April 2007 — nation wide, Poland

During the Week, the abstainers associations in Poland will distribute educational materials regarding the drivers sobriety among the participants of the driving schools. Also, local communities from all of Poland will encourage the local police to conduct more frequent sobriety inspections among drivers, who are at the stage of obtaining a driving licence. The aim of this undertaking is to draw the atteintion of the drivers to the issue of drink-driving.

Contact: Robert Lemanski, PARPA - State Agency for the Prevention of Alcohol-related Problems
Telephone: +48 225320320, Fax: +48 228368166
E-mail: robert.lemanski@parpa.pl

Global Road Safety Week Exhibition
April 2007 — Warsaw, Poland

Global Road Safety Week Exhibition in headquarter of lower house of the Polish Parliament. The exhibition will be devoted to Global Road Safety Week problems.

Contact: Maria Dabrowska, Loranc, Motor Transport Institute (Instytut Transportu Samochodowego)
Telephone: +48 228110294, Fax: +48 228110906
E-mail: cbr@its.waw.pl
Web site: http://www.tydzienbrd.pl/