Russian Federation



Professional newspaper supplement
3 April 2007 — Nationwide, Russian Federation

Professional newspaper supplement (ad hoc issue devoted to the First United Nations Global Road Safety Week) and distribution among driving, training and transport operation sectors all over Russia (5000 copies).

Contact: Sergey Bykov, Autopolis Company
Telephone: +7 499 1979160, Fax: +7 495 4967692

Publication of the road safety week materials in the Russian professional magazine for driving schools
4 May 2007 — nationwide, Russian Federation

Placing the Road Safety Week materials in the current issue, to let Russian people who teach driving know at least the existing of such global action, because we feel a real lack of information in our large country, mostly in the farthest regions of Siberia and Far East.

Contact: Ivan Borisov, Magazine "Driving School Prophy" / "Artoshkola Prophy"
Telephone: +791 69325256, Fax: +749 56942720