Corridor X (First Aid checkpoints)
23-29 April 2007 — Highway through Vojvodina (from border with Hungary to Novi Sad), Serbia

There will be two first aid checkpoints on the highway through Vojvodina (from border with Hungary to Novi Sad) with 12 hour service of our volunteers. The volunteers will offer rest and refreshments to the travelers, measure blood pressure and the level of blood sugar if needed, offer first aid and respond to emergency calls. They will also hand out propaganda leaflets about first aid and road safety to all travelers who will stop at our checkpoints. They will also give a decorated egg to convey the message of the first UN Road Safety Week: this is how fragile our life in traffic is, if we do not take care.

Contact: Aleksandar Svilokos, Red Cross of Vojvodina
Telephone: +381 21 422-454, 422-526, Fax: +381 21 423-750
E-mail:, vrc@eunet.yu