Intensive speed surveillance week
23-29 April 2007 — Nationwide, Sweden

Road Safety in Sweden is based on the Zero Vision which suggests a shared responsibilty of the system designers and road users. If the road users however fail to obey the system the system designers are required to take the necessary further steps to counteract people being killed and seriously injured. In Sweden road safety has been improved during the last decades step by step. The benefits of safer roads with median barrier, roundabouts i.e. - and safer cars is significant. However one problem is the road-users behaviour - speeding, driving under influence of alcohol/drugs and not using seat belt. Still 50-60% of the car drivers in Sweden are speeding. It is estimated that about 100-150 persons per year are killed in Sweden due to speeding of totally 440 killed persons in road traffic accidents. In Sweden the Police, the Road Administration and the National Society for Road Safety are cooperating with information measures both on local, regional and national level to explain that speed is a key factor in road safety at the same time as the police will be present on roads as much as possible during this week.

Contact: Mikael Klingstedt, Swedish Road Administration
Telephone: +46 16157083
E-mail: mikael.klingstedt@vv.se