Launching of the Road Safety Week by the Right Hon. Prime Minister of Swaziland
2 April 2007 — Jubille Park, Manzini Town, Swaziland

21 April: There shall be a march round town the largest town in the country comprising top government officials officials. It will culminate in an event where the Primeminister shall address the public on the challenges the country has over road traffic injuries and deaths. -- 22 April Sunday: Churches in the country have been requested to include traffic safety in their sermons and church activities on this day -- 23 April: Motorists have been requested to switch on their flood lights as a sign of identification with the road safety commemoration week -- 24 April: Motorcycle Awareness Day: There shall also be an emergency medical skills training and demonstration on this day -- 25 April: Featuring road safety stakeholders on Swazi TV's Face the Nation Programme -- 26 April: Road Side information Centres (Lobamba, Manzini, Mhlambeni, bigbend, Lonhlupheko -- 27 April: Policy Makers Meeting (Parliamentarians Meet to discuss the issuse) -- 28 April: Youth Activities; surviors' public testimonies

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